The Bridge of the Blessed Ford

Pontrhydfendigaid, or Bont to those who know the place well, is set in the heart of rural Ceredigion. To the north and the east you have the towering Cambrian Mountains and to the south-west Cors Caron, a vast expanse of marshland and a refuge for plants, birds, mammals and, also, a few nasty biting insects.

About three miles above the village, the river Teifi has its source in Llyn Teifi, one of six lakes known collectively as Llynnoedd Teifi (Teifi Pools). The river flows westwards through the village to Cors Caron where it turns sharply south. On leaving the area, it sets-off on a 70-mile winding journey to the sea.

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Pontrhydfendigaid probably owes its existence to the celebrated Cistercian abbey of Ystrad Fflur (Strata Florida) founded in the 12th century. For more than three hundred years, Ystrad Fflur was an influential centre of Welsh culture, patronized by princes and poets.  The village is situated about a mile west of the abbey remains. It is a truly special village, surrounded by an incredibly beautiful and varied terrain ; it is steeped in history and tradition and this web-site is an attempt to compile a bit of its ‘bygone days’.

This is not an in-depth study, but simply a collection of items ranging from personal research to snippets of this and that, taken from different sources. There is no attempt to include the history of Ystrad Fflur in this wesite ; much has been written about this illustrious abbey and any further research is best left to qualified historians and archaeologists.  

Pryd adeiladwyd pont Rhydfendigaid? Rhagor am bont Rhydfendigaid Yr Hen Fynachlog Y rhyd fendigaid Edward Richard, Ystrad Meurig Tafarn y Brithyll Mwrdwr yn y Bont (1821) Dwy faled am fwdwr y Bont Y twristiad cynnar Llyfrau teithio gan awduron o Gymru John Leland yn Ystrad Fflur (1536) Rhydfendigaid yn y ddeunawfed ganrif Cors Caron neu Cors Goch Glanteifi Mân hanesion am Bontrhydfendigaid Elenydd - straeon a chwedlau Hen luniau o Bont a'r ardal Rhai lluniau cyfoes o ardal y Bont Adref
The Rhydfendigaid bridge More about the Rhydfendigaid bridge The Old Abbey The blessed ford Edward Richard, Ystrad Meurig Sign of the Trout Murder at Bont (1821) Two ballads about the Bont murder The 18th and 19th century tourists Welsh travel writers John Leland at Strata Florida (1536) Rhydfendigaid in the 18th century A red bog on the banks of the Teifi Some historical notes about Bont Elenydd- tales and ledgends Some old pictures of Bont Some recent pictures of Bont Home

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