Cors Caron ― also known as Cors Goch Glanteifi (the red bog on the banks of the Teifi), or simply Tregaron Bog ― lies between Tregaron, Ystrad Meurig and Pontrhydfendigaid. It’s a vast area of wet marshy ground covering over 1000 hectare (~2470 acres) through which the river Teifi winds its way to the sea.

The origin of the bog goes back around 12,000 years, to the time when this area was in the grip of the last ice age. When the glaciers melted they left behind a large shallow lake, which gradually filled with sediments and vegetation resulting in a waterlogged, acidic marshland and ideal conditions for the formation of peat.


For centuries Cors Caron was the main source of fuel for the local community ; for the Cardiganshire gentry, on the other hand, it was a place for recreation – to engage in the pleasures of shooting and fishing. Much has been written about the bog, and following web-pages include snippets of history that seem worth compiling.

Cors Caron

Snippets of this and that

Select and click any of the options below to find out more about this legendary expanse of marshland. It is, particularly,  interesting to read why the railway was re-routed across the Bog – the original  plan was to go through Pontrhydfendigaid.


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